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Welcome to the Georgia. Where Grassroots Have a Voice. 

Brian K Pritchard will work hard to ensure that the grassroots have a voice among the GA GOP Elite. The grassroots is 80% of the party and we are currently ruled by the 20% of the party. BKP will be the force to get the republican nominee elected for US President and in our statewide races.

We are Georgia proud, we are Georgia strong, and God has blessed us with beauty of this country. I love Georgia and I love the United States of America!

Republican Candidates should be concerned with…

Economic Development

If you lived in Georgia from 2009 until 2013 you understand hard times. This state has a special bond. This difficult economic time made us family. We are Georgia strong.

I was sitting in the room the night the commissioners approved the first winery in our district. I know how important agritourism is to our community in North Georgia. We will always support agritourism in North Georgia

A candidate will work with the development authorities to quality businesses to our district that provide our citizens with well paying jobs.

A candidate should and will never support legislation that hurts our small business owners. In Georgia, 1/1 million small businesses employ 1.7 million residents. Small business is the backbone of our state and should always be supported. 

Keep Our State Growing

If you just moved here, welcome home.

I do believe we must have affordable housing. If you want goods and services, we must have housing so the people who provide those goods and services have a place to call home. I believe in a balanced approach, not having a battle. Together we can find a solution. 

Our state must and will continue to grow but that does not mean we can’t find a way to maintain our quality of life.

Protecting Our Children

The Biden administration is trying to make changes to Title 9 that will definitely affect our schools in the state of Georgia. A good republican candidate will need to protect girls’ sports, and will not tolerate boys playing in girls sports or going into the girls bathrooms.

Georgia needs a strong parental rights in education bill. Parents are the custodians of the children not the government or the schools. 

Public schools should not be talking about sexual orientation or gender identity with our children.

Support Law Enforcement

A republican candidate will support whatever law enforcement needs to eliminate Atlanta crime and keep it from spreading throughout the state.

It’s scary when you stop and think we now have gangs and drug cartels actually operating all across our beautiful state.

You have my full commitment to get the resources necessary for our District Attorney, Judges and law enforcement to stop these drug cartels from gaining control of our state.

Stop Fentanyl

A republican candidate should and would sponsor a bill “You kill our kids be prepared to face the death penalty.”

Drug cartels are going to find out we mean business.

From Sept 14th 2022:

Georgia sees drastic rise in fentanyl-related deaths in teens. The number of young people in Georgia who died from fentanyl-laced drug overdoses spiked last year by 800% compared with the year before the pandemic.

From the Georgia Attorney General Website:

Opioid Abuse in Georgia. No Georgia community is a stranger to the devastating effects of the opioid crisis. According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, all drug overdose deaths in Georgia increased by 55.9 percent from 2019 to 2021. Opioids, specifically fentanyl, appear to be driving these increases. From 2019 to 2021, fentanyl-involved overdose deaths increased by 218.4 percent.
Stimulant-related overdoses have also been increasing in Georgia. In 2021, nearly half of all opioid-involved overdose deaths involved a stimulant.

Protecting the Second Amendment

When Governor Nathan Deal signed the “Safe Carry Protection Act” in 2014, I was there.

When Governor Brian Kemp signed in April 2022, I was there.

A republican candidate should be there to make sure they never try to take away our Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, the right to keep and bear arms.

End State Income Tax

The positions of the Republican Party have evolved over time. Currently, the party’s fiscal conservatism includes support for lower taxes, free market capitalism, deregulation of corporations, and restrictions on labor unions.

A republican candidate should support lower taxes therefore be in favor of ending Georgia State Income Tax. 

Believe in limited government

The positions of the Republican Party have evolved over time. Currently, the party’s fiscal conservatism includes support for lower taxes, free market capitalism, deregulation of corporations, and restrictions on labor unions. 

Limited government means deregulation or corporations and the end of bureaucracies. All republican candidates should support this idea and have plans on how to accomplish deregulation  and the removal of bureaucracies. 

We must take care of our Veterans

Veterans are the reason for our Free State. Without their sacrifice and dedication to our freedom, it would have been lost long ago. Our veterans should never be without shelter or a basic need met for their service to our country. As a nation we much protect our veterans as they have done while their served. 

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